Get to know the 30+ start-ups at the Expo.


After rigorous vetting of hundreds of applications, the GCVCA is proud to present the following startups and earlystage companies - who come from Florida and as far away as Germany -  to the South Florida entrepreneurial community. Scroll down to learn more about each company - including links to their website (click their logos), pitch decks and social media.


 Accredify is an automated investor verification service that gives anybody the ability to invest in private equity online. Featuring dozens of platform partners, Accredify gives investors instant compliance for deals without having to surrender any financial information. Visit for a completely online verification process for income, assets, and third-party (CPA/Attorney) letters of verification. 

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AdMobilize is a Miami-based technology start up that provides real time analytics for the physical world. With it's "AdBeacon Technology", AdMobilize has successfully developed and deployed the first ever "Plug and Measure" platform. This technology gives customers the ability to easily quantify the performance of offline applications and learn more about advertising campaigns in a non-digital setting. Since it's inception in 2012, Founder/CEO Rodolfo Saccoman has raised $2.8M and grown the company to 30 employees with offices in Miami, London and Bogota. 

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Asana Medical Inc. is focused on providing physicians with the first-in-class non-pharmacological, non-surgical treatment option for patients suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. Asana’s device, derived from Extracellular Matrix, will set into motion a paradigm shift in the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis from symptom-based anti-inflammatory therapies to providing a protective coating to encourage tissue healing.

We are a company of highly motivated innovators, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professionals that identified an opportunity to apply existing Tissue Engineering Technology in a novel application. This will spark a change in the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is the leading green-energy corporation dedicated to make natural gas available for boats, as a clean and affordable fuel. The Company has developed a proprietary fuel system that allows existing marine engines to use natural gas as a hybrid or primary fuel and has started to equip boats with it. This fuel system reduces fueling costs by 70% and reduces pollution by as much as 90%. We also connect boaters to the fuel through many public stations and sales of new stations for marinas, homes and membership in our fuel club.  

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Bluvision is leading innovation in Bluetooth® beacon technology and manufactures enterprise beacons with complete cloud beacon management software and solutions. The Bluvision end-to-end mobile marketing platform helps enterprises understand and make sense of the world around us – with a comprehensive Bluetooth beacon cloud management framework to power the Internet of Things (IoT). 

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BoxyCharm is a $21 per month beauty box subscription service that delivers 4 to 5 Full-Size beauty products with a total retail value of $100 or more. In addition to the great monetary value our members receive, we also introduce them to new and exciting products that are in the market place.   Because we provide full-size, and not sample size products, our members are able to get the full experience with the product and truly develop brand loyalty towards those products they like. 

On the other end of the platform, Beauty Companies are lining up to work with BoxyCharm because we have created a way to give them a very cost effective  means of marketing to a highly engaged customer base and significantly increase brand awareness. 

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Candidate.Guru is the most superior talent mapping resource on the planet. We enable companies to cultivate relationships with the ideal candidates in the market by proactively talent mapping the entire US workforce.  We then match companies and candidates based on functional and cultural fit.  This enables companies to hire the best people more quickly increasing productivity dramatically. Candidate.Guru is leveraging big data and machine learning algorithm technologies to put the power of human intelligence back into the hands of companies.  Learn more, become a Beta at

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Dealvector is an identity-protected communication network and asset registry serving the opaque fixed income and alternative investment markets. We help one needle in the bond haystack find other needles in the bond haystack, without alerting the entire haystack. In addition, we provide workflow tools that allow fixed income participants to manage their market information more efficiently. Our tools in particular serve the $20 trillion structured credit markets, which are characterized by lack of transparency and simultaneous high-stakes control issues and trading challenges. These dynamics put a premium on DealVector services that allow users to find relevant information and counter-parties quickly. DealVector has more than 500 institutions on its platform and helps users manage information related to more than $10 billion/week in bid-lists that flow through the network. The platform has facilitated connections among investors ultimately leading to transactions with respect to billions of dollars of securities. As an information platform, DealVector aims to provide Zillow- or Trulia-like usability to fixed income markets that in many respects are still mediated by phone calls, emails, and faxes.

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EcoTech Visions is the Southeast's first incubator of green sustainable manufacturing technologies and products. It is designed to assist entrepreneurs in creating, planning, and launching innovative and "green" manufacturing businesses in South Florida. EcoTech Visions supports the development and assists start-ups in the planning and production of products that are manufactured with recycled materials.

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EnergyBionics, LLC is an American company that develops, manufactures and markets wearable energy products. Our first product, referred to as Carbon, integrates energy harvesting and mobile device charging into an analog wrist watch.

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Entic combines Building Internet of Thing devices with predictive and prescriptive analytics to deliver unmatched actionable insights and energy savings for large buildings. Our SaaS offering is revolutionizing commercial building management by providing business intelligence going far beyond the static limitations of building management systems today. Our cloud-based technology provides building owners and their teams real time visibility to help them predict and fix problems -- and most importantly, validate results in documented dollars and energy savings. In fact, our solutions have recorded improvements in energy efficiency and reduced costs by up to 40 percent (40%) in large commercial buildings.

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EonCoat has created a permanent solution to rust. This spray applied ceramic coating will end the $2.5 Trillion dollar annual expenditure that society makes because of corrosion on mild steel. It also brings to an end a century of toxic, flammable and high VOC coatings. EonCoat has none of those things.

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Everyware is the evolution of a social platform connecting people to places. Businesses can now utilize our web-based CRM to engage with customers directly through their smartphones. 

Mobile features such as SMS text messaging, appointments, in-app deals, location-based notifications, ibeacon and check-in-based rewards create the ideal environment for building a local customer base. It is designed to attract small businesses that interact with consumers located within a convenient geographic area refer to as the “10 mile universe”. Through the simple use of mobile numbers, Everyware’s system connects businesses and consumers in a real-time meaningful two-way communication that promotes mobile engagement. 

Everyware allows city residents and visitors to connect with, curate, and share their favorite businesses, services and events that literally brings the city to their smartphones.


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Glip is a conversation platform used by thousands of companies to plan, share and organize work. The result of more than 20 years of research and development in the area of real-time communication, Glip is built with text and video chat at its core and includes file sharing, collaborative task management, shared calendars, automatic version control, all integrated into each conversation stream, saving time and providing context for faster, better decisions.  Glip is designed to support teams of all sizes,  flexible for working with large amounts of raw data in fast-paced environments and is the best way to plan, share & organize work from desktop to mobile. Get unlimited users for free to text, video chat, assign tasks, plan events, manage revisions, and share files with a beautiful interactive viewer including annotations.  And it's all fully searchable, so you'll never lose a thing. Glip is the only business messaging app with built-in productivity and integrations with the apps you already love like Dropbox, JIRA, Asana, Evernote, GitHub, Harvest, Stripe, Zendesk, and more...

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Founded in 2013, Hatchery enables consumers to discover small-batch ingredients and specialty condiments from local artisan producers across the country through a curated monthly delivery that features sample-size products from its online Marketplace. The company has offices in New York City and South Florida and tastemakers throughout the country.

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The Leading Law Enforcement Body Camera Company.

LiveNinja is on a mission to humanize the way people do business online. Using the latest advancements in real-time technology, LiveNinja provides a suite of tools that enable businesses to serve their customers in the most natural and effective way possible.

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MyGreenPayback is a subscription based SaaS platform that is designed to help Brands simplify the product decision making process for their Customers by calculating the payback potential of high performance green solutions in their lives, homes and businesses. MyGreenPayback delivers ROI analysis for products and projects that is simple to user and creates output that is easy to understand.

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At NVBOTS, we believe that students must bring their ideas to life. The contemporary 3D printing process is far too cumbersome for most students and teachers, prohibiting widespread adoption of a technology that offers a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to STEAM education. Our solution is an easy-to-use and easy-to-share 3D printing experience tailored to the educational space. To challenge the status quo, we have created the first end-to-end 3D printing solution. At the core of our technology is the NVPro: the world’s only 3D printer with automated part removal. Paired with our cloud-based interface, the NVPro runs continuously allowing our users to print 24-7 from any device.

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Owl Tutors' web and mobile application provides tutors a platform to grow and run their own business. Tutors receive marketing, branding and back-office tools in exchange for a membership fee. Students visiting the site are provided a free search engine, to search, evaluate, contact, meet and pay their tutor directly.

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Prometheon Pharma is targeting an initial $15B/year domestic market with its needle-free insulin patch technology and its hair regrowth formula. Prometheon's business model generates profits even before the launch of its products, which eliminate needle injection for a variety of drugs. Their proprietary platform technology, developed at the University of Florida, allows large molecules, growth hormones, and potentially vaccines to be delivered in a 7-day patch as simple as a medicated band aid. Their topical hair regrowth gel delivers a naturally occurring compound long known to re-establish normal hair growth, but too large to deliver transdermally until now. This product is expected to dominate a fragmented market with low penetration in which leaders Rogaine and Propecia have just gone off patent.

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Businesses recognize the power of video but don’t have the time, resources or know how to produce it. Raw Shorts solves this problem with a DIY cloud based video builder for business that allows them to create explainer videos with high production value using a template driven, easy to use drag and drop interface. The company is in commercial production, supporting thousands of businesses with their current video needs and growing it's revenue and customer base on month to month basis.

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SmartRazor® is the next generation in the evolution of razors.  SmartRazor® marks the first time modern electronic technology merges with razors for dramatic fundamental benefits.  The new SmartRazor® HEAT® series are the world’s FIRST and ONLY razors to have heated blades!  Powered by battery, our new SmartRazor® innovation keeps the blades heated throughout the entire shave.  SmartRazor’s warm blades make for much higher shaving performance (cuts hair up to 3X’s easer) and incredible warm soothing shaving comfort at the same time.  Much less irritation also and no razor rash caused by goosebumps from shaving with cold blades.  67 Utility patents issued and pending protects our SmartRazor innovations in US and other countries.  The Global Shave Market is $33 billion annually, and SmartRazor® is the new and exciting razor innovation that the world has been waiting for.  Smart Razor LLC is the new venture that will bring SmartRazor® products to the masses. SmartRazor®, the Future of shaving is Here!

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We provide the simplest, easiest and most affordable way for businesses to run their social media sites and online reviews from their mobile device.

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SoStereo is an online B2B marketplace platform dealing in Music Sync Licenses (the license required by Ads/Tv/Films to put existing music on video), where on one hand we curate and represent the artists/music and on the other we supply the music to clients in Ads/Tv/Film. Our key focus is on disrupting the current sync licensing model by providing key innovations in Music Search Algorithms, Discovery, and Metrics to help the client find and clear the RIGHT music to target their audiences- all in a timely and cost effective manner. As a key go-to-market strategy, we're positioning SoStereo with Latin focus to take advantage of the absence of a similar product in LATAM, while filling the need for a go-to Latin music platform for US-Hispanic. SoStereo is Where Brands Discover and License Music!

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SpeedETab is a mobile platform that lets users order & pay for drinks at the bar from their phone. We then leverage user and transactional data to provide merchant partners with analytics on their customers in sales in order to enhance operations, marketing, and customer knowledge.  The platform also allows for real-time communication between merchants and customers as well as full Apple Pay integration. 

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TAO, or Therapist Assisted Online, is an effective treatment for anxiety and other mental health problems that allows the patient or client to proactively work on behavioral change and the clinician to monitor progress on treatment tasks and symptom change over time. The result is effective treatment with one-third the counselor time and half the overall cost of traditional face-to-face individual treatment.

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The education system is broken, and we earn our profit by fixing it. People don't learn from textbooks, they learn from experience. For the price of a textbook, we make learning advanced topics like STEM, and Entrepreneurship hands-on & exciting. Our product line and curriculum empower students with the engineering abilities (3D printing, electronics, and programming) to turn ideas into actual products. Through design & business competitions, students then gain invaluable first-hand entrepreneurial experience (raising capital, sales, marketing, etc.) to transform their ideas into a company. 

Tinker University's proprietary system enables the average teacher to teach our advanced curriculum with ease. Our business model is based on offering engaging and current topical knowledge at affordable pricing. Programs are available for ages 8 to adult with adult supervision. We're interested in discussing with interested investors who are looking to contribute to social good.

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uRemix is a two time award winning user friendly mobile application that allows regular music fans the ability to create original songs  instantly from parts of their favorite songs without having to understand the complexities of the recording process. In essence the user becomes the creator. 

Facebook Twitter | Instagram is a cloud platform for improving credit card and loyalty program member engagement. Lack of member engagement is the acknowledged biggest problem facing the $160 Billion loyalty industry today. 81% of consumers say they don’t know what discounts, free items and other benefits they are entitled to, on account of the credit cards they hold, and the organizations they belong to, such as auto clubs, frequent flyer groups, even public television. aims to solve that problem.  

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Videoo (pronounced vidē-ōh) automatically connects social videos using hashtags to form dynamic, crowd-sourced playlists. Sign up now to watch, vote, upload and share.

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