SmartRazor® is the next generation in the evolution of razors.  SmartRazor® marks the first time modern electronic technology merges with razors for dramatic fundamental benefits.  The new SmartRazor® HEAT® series are the world’s FIRST and ONLY razors to have heated blades!  Powered by battery, our new SmartRazor® innovation keeps the blades heated throughout the entire shave.  SmartRazor’s warm blades make for much higher shaving performance (cuts hair up to 3X’s easer) and incredible warm soothing shaving comfort at the same time.  Much less irritation also and no razor rash caused by goosebumps from shaving with cold blades.  67 Utility patents issued and pending protects our SmartRazor innovations in US and other countries.  The Global Shave Market is $33 billion annually, and SmartRazor® is the new and exciting razor innovation that the world has been waiting for.  Smart Razor LLC is the new venture that will bring SmartRazor® products to the masses. SmartRazor®, the Future of shaving is Here!

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