Dimitry Shaposhnikov, owner of DS Xpress, heads a group of highly professional computer pros and designers that can handle your networking and data applications, and design your website -- the gateway to e-commerce. Available 24/7, the staff answers the call when your computers go haywire or when you need to network new computers, connect servers, install anti-virus solutions and firewalls, or hook up to DSL.

DS Xpress is expert at data application development. The way it works is this: DS Xpress analyzes your business and sets up an entire program to run every facet of your operation. “We can develop a program specific to your business that will take care of things like payroll, tracking activities, sales and client monitoring, and data management".

One of the most common requests these days is for websites. Why? Simply, a website provides your business with a window to the world. “Print marketing materials are still important, but so many people look on the Internet for companies and business services, that a website has become like a store front,”. DS Xpress designs websites that are basic to the more bells and whistle-type.