Collaborative Boating Inc., headquartered in North Miami Beach Florida, has created BoatSetter ( a unique boat sharing network focused on insured, captained boat rentals in the untapped luxury 27’ - 70’ boat market.   Boatsetter provides boat renters with access to the finest selection of private boats and a unique on-water experience, while solving the biggest problem with boat ownership: high costs. 90% of U.S. residents live within an hour of navigable water; however, few enthusiasts can afford to purchase a boat. Those who can make such a purchase are often able to use their boats only a few days annually, resulting in most boats sitting idle 95% of the year. Combining best-in-class collaborative market tools, with a highly qualified team, BoatSetter has created the only model capable of sustaining the new sharing economy in the marine industry.

There are numerous “pain points” that make boating ripe for the “new sharing economy”, but liability, trust & logistical concerns require a thoughtful approach.   In the year since launching in South Florida, BoatSetter has demonstrated a product-market fit.   BoatSetter’s best-in-class insurance coverage plus On-Water support from BoatUS, provide owners, renters & captains with peace of mind.   By making captains available on every charter, BoatSetter ensures that owners can trust that their boat is always in the hands of a professional vessel operator.  BoatSetter’s nationwide network of marinas provides logistical support & concierge services to owner taking the hassle out of renting.   

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