We are a Miami-based angel investor network. AGP stands for Accelerated Growth Partners. That's what we do with each entrepreneur; we partner up to accelerate growth.

We hold pitch meetings every four to six weeks where startups who have been through our Selection Process present to AGP Members. Each individual Member decides whether to invest or not. Hence, AGP is not a fund but rather an investment club of like-minded accredited investors who are passionate about disruptive startups. Due to legal limitations, these meetings are for Members-only.

As a group, our average investment is U$150,000; ranging from U$50,000 to U$500,000. Our goal is to close in under 40 days from the pitch meeting.

AGP also hosts public events focused on angel investing education. 

Accelerated Growth Partners INC is a Florida not-for-profit funded by a Knight Foundation grant, annual Member fees and event sponsors.